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Airbrush Kit for Kids – Guide to Kids Airbrush Activities

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Parents are always looking for employment ideas for their children, with which they can not only be creative but also adequately supported. Why not try airbrushing for children? We will reveal what this is and why you should consider it in this guide. 




What is Airbrush for children?

Airbrush describes an art form in which paint is not painted with pens, but is applied to a surface with the help of a spray gun. An airbrush gun and a compressor create a stream of air that sprays the paint onto the paper, canvas, or another painting medium.


Airbrushing offers the artist many advantages:

  • In principle, it can be applied to all substrates
  • There are hardly any limits to the artist’s creative freedom
  • With a little practice, the paint is almost completely free from smudging and is applied very sparingly
  • Incredible works of art are possible

Airbrushing is not only suitable for adults. Many children from the age of six can already learn how to use an airbrush. But what should parents pay attention to when airbrushing for children?



What to pay attention to when airbrushing for children?

To develop their creativity freely – hardly anything promotes children more. Creating their own works of art, sorting their own thoughts, capturing them on paper or canvas with their Crayola airbrush kits, discovering and mixing colors themselves – all this offers children the ideal basis for their development.

Quite apart from that, art is simply fun. So what is more obvious for parents than to provide the children with as many different materials as possible? In addition to the first colored pencils and finger paints at the age of learning to walk, this can also be the first airbrush gun for children from around six years of age.

However, parents need to consider a few things when using the airbrush:

  • An airbrush gun for children is not a toy. Stay with and accompany the child during use.
  • If it is possible, design a separate workplace for your child. Place the necessary utensils there so that they are always within easy reach and clearly arranged for the child. Here you may be able to orientate yourself on Montessori workstations.
  • Children up to a certain age are very carefree in dealing with danger. An airbrush gun, if used incorrectly, can ruin an entire room in the worst case. Your child’s workplace should be designed so that no valuable items can be “decorated”.
  • The paint particles from a real airbrush are extremely small and therefore potentially harmful to health. The airbrush gun should only be used when your child can at least work with a light breathing mask for his or her own protection. In addition, the purchase of an airbrush extraction system is actually mandatory for airbrushes with children. In this way, you ensure that your child – whose lungs are still developing – is on the safe side when working. An alternative to these safety rules is the Orbis Airbrush System, which we will introduce in the following chapter.
    After the pleasure comes to the work: An airbrush gun must be thoroughly cleaned after spraying. In this way, children learn to keep their tools clean and to take responsibility for them. For parents, however, this can also be exhausting – discussions about sense and nonsense on the part of the children are inevitable.


Parents should therefore consider whether airbrushing is sensible for their child. Apart from the points mentioned above, the cost issue is one that should not be underestimated. When airbrushing for children, the investment should not be too expensive. It can always be that they permanently lose interest in art and turn to something else. Nevertheless, the airbrush set for children should have a certain quality, because nobody will have fun with a very cheap airbrush gun.

We have tested various airbrush systems for children and give the following qualitatively solid recommendation.

kids airbrushImaginative images like this butterfly is just one great example of the creative possibilities that airbrush systems for children offer.




Recommendation: Airbrush System Orbis with Emoji templates

When airbrushing for children, it does not have to be the most expensive and innovative kid’s airbrush set. However, quality should still be right. Our recommendation would therefore be the Orbis airbrush system, which offers not only adults but also children all the basics they need for their airbrush art:


Product recommendation follows



  • It contains many different paint cartridges, stencils as well as painting backgrounds so that there should be something for every artist’s heart. Emoji stencils are also included as a special highlight.
  • The airbrush set is suitable for children from six years of age.
  • The airbrush set can be used not only on canvas and paper but also on other surfaces such as T-shirts.
  • The Orbis Power Studio is simple and very intuitive to use. As a tattoo studio, it is even perfect for a child’s birthday party.
  • The airbrush set for children is maintenance-free and never needs to be cleaned, as it does not use liquid airbrush paints, but paint cartridges.
  • Almost no spray mist is produced so that the airbrush system can also be used without a suction system and protective mask.
  • The airbrush gun is well suited for children, as it has been ergonomically adapted and optimized when the system was redesigned. It is now slimmer and therefore fits perfectly in children’s hands, but is also easy for adults to grip and comfortable to carry.
  • The Orbis Children’s Airbrush Set is the perfect way to promote hand-eye coordination and creativity.
  • The storage of the ink cartridges does not require any special requirements. They can be stored in the same way as other crayons.
  • The Orbis tattoo colours are dermatologically tested and therefore well tolerated.



  • The airbrush set for children is not suitable for model making.
  • Sometimes it happens that the color beam is not as dense as described. This is usually a case for the customer service and the customer has no disadvantages – except for the time required.

The Orbis Airbrush Set offers the perfect opportunity for children from the age of six years to let off steam creatively while training their hand-eye coordination. The price seems proud at first, but the customer is also offered a lot in return. From us there is a crystal clear recommendation!



Airbrush for the little ones: Malinos airbrush pens

Our second recommendation is not a real airbrush set for children, but innovative airbrush pens: the Malinos airbrush pens for children. These work according to a very simple principle: after the pens have been put together, the paint they contain can be applied to the painting surface simply by blowing.

The Malinos Airbrush Pens are of course neither as universally applicable as an airbrush for children nor do they offer the same clean spray pattern as a pistol. However, they have several major advantages.


Product recommendation follows




  • They are already suitable for very young children; some little ones manage to use the Malinos from the age of two. They are recommended for children over three.
  • Several pretty templates are included. The airbrush stencil set for children can be extended with other sets at any time. Creative parents can also make stencils themselves from thick cardboard. If the children are allowed to help, it is twice as much fun.
  • The colors are bright or soft, depending on how hard the child blows; beautiful color transitions are also possible.
  • The Malinos offer an ingenious side effect in any case: blowing strengthens the mouth and jaw muscles, which playfully promotes mouth motor skills and thus language development.
  • The colors dry immediately and smudge, applied thinly, even if the stencil slips or the child pulls it away immediately.
  • Although the paint can be blown through the pens, it cannot be sucked in during inhalation. This guarantees the highest safety when painting. Apart from that, there is no potentially harmful paint mist like a real airbrush gun.
  • In terms of price, the pens are absolutely okay for what they offer, especially since they are very robust and cleanly manufactured.



  • The colors do not blur, but they spread in unsightly splashes of paint if the child gets too close and blows too hard on one spot.
  • Unfortunately, the main disadvantage is hygiene: especially when several children are at work, blowing together can quickly become unappetizing, because of course, every child wants to try out every color, so that by changing the pens there is also a high exchange of germs. This is fine among siblings – especially since glasses, cutlery, and pacifiers are also shared. However, if visitor children are at work, it becomes difficult. Therefore, the pens are probably only suitable to a limited extent for schools, daycare centers, and childminders.
  • A long preparation and post-processing time is necessary because before each use the pins must first be put together, otherwise they dry out. After painting, the pencils are very moist on the inside due to the air that flows through them and must be thoroughly rinsed with warm water, otherwise, a high level of germs may be formed.

If you are not bothered by the work before and after the application, you should definitely go for the Malinos. With their help, great works of art are created, mouth motor skills are optimally promoted and the children are visibly proud of their pictures. From us, the Malinos receive an almost unlimited purchase recommendation!


Airbrushing with children is not only a wonderful opportunity to have fun and be creative with your child. It also offers the little ones playful support in its purest form.

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