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Airbrush Mask Guide – Everything About Airbrush Respirators

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Airbrushing is thought of by most artists as a method of easily applying paint. Some people consider it as a means of adding technology to art, so they do not take the application process very seriously. Although airbrushing is just another means of paint application, there is a danger of inhaling the air while it is being sprayed. This brings us to the important point of whether one should wear an airbrush mask or respirator. This article will give more clarity on the subject, and explore the potential dangers of airbrush painting.




Wearing a Respirator for Airbrushing

Always wear an airbrush mask whenever paint is being sprayed. This is because the toxic fumes can get into the air. So whenever you are airbrushing with any type of paint, always wear an airbrush mask/ airbrush respirator. This piece of equipment will protect you from breathing in excess fumes or paint.

Although there are many different paints for airbrushing out there, it is important to note that some of the paints are more dangerous than others. A lot of people think that it is not necessary to wear a proper mask while airbrushing with water-based paint. Water-based paints are thought of as being non-toxic. This is totally wrong. All paints are harmful to a certain extent, so it is wise to understand the degree and level of toxicity. Regardless, a respirator for airbrushing is always necessary.

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Considerations While Airbrushing

Paint is atomized and broken down into smaller particles when airbrushing. This is why it is important for you to consider the following aspects when using an airbrush:



This happens when some of the paint particles end up on surfaces that you were not aiming for. You can notice this by seeing the small paint droplets all over your surfaces. During the process of airbrushing, most of the atomized paint lands up in the right places.  Some droplets are released into the air and some will land outside your focus area. You might end up breathing in the paint in the air if you are not wearing a proper mask or respirator. This can be harmful to the lungs and it is not good for the respiratory system.



The fumes from the paint can be highly toxic. Water-based acrylic paints are the least toxic and most suitable for airbrushing. When airbrushing, they do not emit a lot of fumes or bad odors which can be harmful to health. Enamel airbrush paints emit a lot of toxic and harmful fumes. In the long run, the fumes will cause more damage to the lungs.

Always opt to wear a protective mask or a specifically designed respirator when airbrushing. This will provide you with the necessary protection from the effects of over spraying. Besides protecting your respiratory system during this process, do not forget eye protection.

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Finding the Best Airbrushing Mask

An airbrushed mask is suitable when you are working with solvent-based paint. This also applies to water-based paints, even though they are not considered to be highly toxic. A mask for airbrushing has two filters, and air passes through these filters before it reaches your mouth.

The style of the filter determines the passage where the air passes through. The first layer of the filter has the ability to remove particles from the air. The second layer then filters out the fumes. Most artists who work with lacquers and enamels understand the overpowering odor emitted by these paints. Thus, it is important to wear a proper airbrush mask when using solvent-based paints. This should also be the case when working with water-based paints.


Our Recommendation: NASUM Reusable Half-Face Mask

This reusable face mask by Nasum offers specialized protection for airbrush artists. This airbrush mask has been specifically formulated for painting. It features effective filtration pads on the mask to block out any paint. The mask fits snugly into the face with a soft silicone seal. The strap is also completely adjustable to make sure that you are comfortable.

NASUM Reusable Half Face Cover
  • High-quality comfortable and soft sealed mask
  • Includes a fully adjustable face cover strap
  • Uses special filter pads for better protection
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  • A specially designed mask for paint protection
  • Fully reusable design
  • Suitable for all kinds of workplaces
  • Easily adjustable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Quite a big filtration system to wear
  • Does not include eye protection



What to Look for When Choosing a Mask for Airbrushing

You should always choose an airbrush mask that is able to filter fumes and paint particles. Some factors to consider include the following:

  • Always purchase a “Spray Paint Specific” respirator or something similar, as long as it is NIOSK approved.
  • Look for a commonly used respirator from a reputable company, so that the process of finding spare parts will be easier when you want to fix it
  • The mask must seal around your face snugly to prevent any form of particles from entering your mouth or nostrils.
  • You must purchase filters separately for cheaper future replacements
  • Before purchasing, get a good understanding of the respirator you want to purchase, for example, how to use it, how it is rated by other users, and so on.



What You Can Use Besides an Airbrush Mask

You can use spray booths instead of a mask. The purpose of the booth is to remove atomized paint particles from the air. This is usually effective in a contained area. You can use the booth to prevent over sprays and to minimize the amount of air that can filter into surrounding areas.  When you are working in a closely contained area, you can opt for a spray booth to avoid the paint from getting everywhere.

It is not advisable to do airbrushing without wearing anything at all. But if you are not comfortable with an airbrushed mask, you can opt for a spray booth. A spray booth will not be able to filter out all of the paint particles though. To remain completely safe, always use a respirator for airbrushing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is it Safe to do Airbrush Painting Indoors?

It is perfectly safe to do airbrush painting indoors as long as you have proper ventilation. Ventilation is an important factor, whether you are using water-based paint or solvent-based paint. Also, always remember to wear an airbrush respirator for added safety.


Can You do Airbrush Painting Outside Without a Mask?

This is not a good idea, since some of the atomized paint particles remain in the surrounding area for a while. Being exposed to any of the atomized paint articles can affect your lungs and respiratory system. You should always wear a mask for airbrushing, no matter where you are painting.


Always remember to wear a proper protective airbrush respirator when painting. Airbrush painting without one can lead to serious health problems in the future. Although a mask for airbrushing might be uncomfortable at times, it is better to be safe than sorry. Opt to buy an airbrush mask that is specifically manufactured by a reputable manufacturer for the sole process of airbrush painting.


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