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Iwata Airbrush Compressors – Complete Iwata Compressor Buying Guide

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When it comes to finding a quality airbrush compressor that is known for its craftsmanship, then Iwata is a great brand to look towards. Iwata uses only the highest-grade materials and the latest technology when producing their compressors. The results are compressors that are reliable, powerful, compact, while still being affordable. Beyond the quality craftsmanship, Iwata airbrush compressors are seriously convenient for home users or professionals. Their compressors come complete with all fittings, air hoses, adapters, and filters that can fit all airbrushes. This makes it easy to get started with these products. Let’s take a deeper look into the different Iwata airbrush compressors available, and what to look out for in an Iwata airbrush kit with compressor for your project.




Overview of the Different Iwata Airbrush Compressors

Pressure CategoryMODELAir PressureHorsepowerFlowTank SizeWeightAuto Shut-Off
Low pressureFreestyle Air Battery5-19 psi0.37 cfmno tank1.70 lbsNo
Low pressureIS-30 Neo Air4-15 psi0.37No tank0.95 lbsNo
Low pressureIS-35 Ninja Jet1-18 psi1/12HP0.30 cfmno tank5.9 lbsNo
Low pressureIS-50 Silver Jet1-18 psi1/10HP0.33 cfmno tank6.3 lbsNo
Medium pressureIS-800 Sprint Jet1-35 psi1/8HP0.64 cfmno tank8 lbsNo
Medium pressureIS-850 Smart Jet1-35 psi1/8HP0.64 cfmno tank8 lbsYes
Medium pressureIS-875 Smart Jet Pro1-35 psi1/8HP0.64 cfmno tank14 lbsYes
High pressureIS-925 Power Jet Lite1-60 psi1/6HP1.2 cfmno tank17.5 lbsYes
High pressureIS-875HT Smart Jet Plus1-60 psi1/6HP1.4 cfm.45 liter13 lbsYes
High pressureIS-925HT Power Jet Plus1-60 psi1/4HP1.4 cfm.5 liter17 lbsYes
High pressureIS-975 Power Jet Pro1-60 psi1/6HP1.2 cfm2 liter26.5 lbsYes
High pressureIS-1000 Max Jet1-60 psi1/6HP1.40 cfm2.5 liter33 lbsYes



Benefits of Having an Automatic Shutoff

Many Iwata airbrush compressors feature a function they call “Smart Jet Technology”. This is their way of referring to an automatic shutoff function. Basically, this means that the compressors will turn themselves off when they are not being used. This provides a couple of important benefits:

  • The compressor will always be able to produce the full capacity of air when required
  • Any moisture build-up as a result of heat is decreased
  • Unnecessary running time is reduced
  • The compressor has a longer lifespan
  • The operating noise of the compressor is reduced


The Best Iwata Airbrush Compressors for Beginners

Iwata offers a good range of compressors for beginners. These devices offer quality end-results while still being easy to use and perfect for starting out. We have highlighted the best beginner models below.

best iwata airbrush compressor


IWATA-MEDEA Freestyle Air Battery-Powered Compressor

The Iwata Freestyle Air is a battery-powered airbrush compressor unit that offers ultra convenience. Thanks to the battery operation, this compressor is quiet and suitable for on the go use. It is suitable for beginners as it is a light-duty compressor, with a pretty low working pressure (4 – 19 PSI). The compressor is easy to pair with most airbrushes.

The main benefit of this Iwata airbrush compressor is that it can be used anywhere – allowing you to take it places where there is no outlet. The battery is fully rechargeable and works as a great backup unit for professionals too. There are three different PSI settings that can be easily switched between for the right air pressure. This unit includes plenty of great parts for getting started. The kit comes with a removable airbrush holder, a durable hose, a special pad for dampening the vibrations, and an international AC adapter plug.

IWATA-MEDEA Freestyle Air Battery Compressor
  • A fully battery-powered airbrush compressor
  • Lightweight and compact for travel
  • Includes three different speed adjustments
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Main Features

  • A battery-powered compressor
  • Includes an air hose, airbrush holder & dampening pad
  • Comes with international AC adapters
  • PSI: 1-15 PSI max pressure
  • 100V – 240V power supply
  • 95 Pounds weight


IWATA Neo Air Mini Compressor

The Neo model by Iwata is a compact compressor in a particularly lightweight and small size. This little unit may be excellent for easy use and portability, but it does not provide too much power. It is a good Iwata airbrush compressor for smaller applications – such as makeup artistry or food styling. It can also only be used in quick periods of time. This compressor is a great option for small and portable uses. If you require a compressor for larger paint jobs, then this product does not come recommended.

IWATA Neo Air Miniature Air Compressor
  • A super lightweight and compact air compressor
  • Uses a three-speed system
  • Works with most gravity feed airbrushes
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Main Features

  • Particularly portable and compact
  • Very lightweight
  • 3 Speed control button
  • Includes an air hose and an airbrush holder
  • PSI: 1 – 15 PSI max pressure
  • 100 – 240V power supply
  • 95 Pounds weight

IWATA Ninja Jet Air Compressor

The Iwata Ninja Jet air compressor offers a good balance between being small and lightweight, while still offering solid performance. This model is not as compact as the Neo and is built with a bit more of a durable case and a tough bar handle. The Ninja Jet is also a simple compressor and lacks a gauge, automatic shutoff, and a moisture trap.

While it doesn’t have as many functions as other models, this compressor is simple to use and very easy to maintain. You get a very reliable compressor with a fully adjustable regulator knob to achieve the right pressure. For beginners that want something simple and long-lasting, this compressor would be a great choice.

IWATA-MEDEA Ninja Jet Air Compressor
  • A zero-maintenance oil-less air compressor
  • Includes an airbrush holder and carry handle
  • Small, convenient and durable
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Main Features

  • Includes a cobra coil airbrush hose and hose adapters
  • 1/10 horsepower
  • 40 dB noise level
  • PSI: 18 PSI max pressure
  • 20 PSI airflow


IWATA-MEDEA Silver Jet Air Compressor

The Silver Jet compressor is another incredibly simple unit that requires zero maintenance and easy operation. Instead of overcomplicating the design, you get a basic compressor that is easy to manage and is completely reliable. However, this unit does have more features than the Ninja Jet. There is an accurate gauge, built-in cord-wrap, and airbrush holder. The regulator knob adjusts the air pressure for perfect results.

The Silver Jet is a popular choice of Iwata air compressors for anyone seeking a reliable low-pressure regulator. The pistol grip moisture trap is a great addition. The unit looks great and is always a pleasure to use for anyone that doesn’t require too much power.

IWATA-MEDEA Silver Jet Air Compressor
  • Working adjustable pressure from 10 - 18 psi
  • Comes with an Iwata pistol-grip filter
  • Includes a pressure gauge and easy hose connector
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Main Features

  • Includes a cobra coil airbrush hose and hose adapters
  • 1/10 Horsepower
  • 40 dB noise level
  • Includes a pistol-grip filter
  • PSI: 18 PSI max pressure
  • 20 PSI airflow
  • Built-in carry handle and airbrush holder
  • Adjustable knob and pressure gauge
iwata air compressors



The Best Advanced Iwata Airbrush Compressors

Iwata offers a wide range of compressors for all levels of experience. For more advanced users that want to achieve more from the air compressor, the following Iwata airbrush compressors are available.


IWATA-MEDEA Sprint Jet Compressor

This is a solid model with all the great features you need from a powerful compressor. These include a moisture trap, a good gauge, and a convenient handle. This handle can fold away for easier storage, and allows for better portability. To top it off, the compressor runs quietly and is incredibly reliable.

IWATA-MEDEA Studio Series Sprint Jet Compressor
  • Bleed valve airflow adjustment
  • 1-35 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Includes a water filter and mounted pressure gauge
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Main Features

  • Oil-free piston air compressor for zero maintenance
  • Includes a moisture filter
  • Mounted air-pressure gauge
  • ⅛ horsepower, 50 dB noise level
  • PSI: 40 PSI max pressure, 20 PSI airflow
  • Strong polyurethane hose

IWATA Smart Jet Air Compressor

The Smart Jet is a popular choice of Iwata air compressors due to its versatile use. This compressor is great for all kinds of low to medium air pressure jobs and general applications. For anyone seeking a compressor for DIY and home use, this would be a good option.

This model runs quietly, is nice and compact, and operates between 20 – 25 PSI. The unit features an auto-shutoff capability which provides various benefits. Other great additions in this model are the moisture filter, the mounted gauge, the bleed valve airflow adjustment, and the air intake filter. These all work to provide an easier to use compressor that lasts longer.

There is a double hose cooling system that works well with the automatic shut-off to effectively cool down the compressor when not in use. The only issue with this model is that it lacks a regulator on the compressor. Instead, the airflow is regulated through a bleeder valve.

IWATA-MEDEA Smart Jet Air Compressor
  • A powerful single-piston air compressor
  • Mounted fully adjustable air pressure gauge
  • Bleed valve airflow adjutsment
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Main Features

  • Automatic shut-off valve
  • Double hoses for better moisture separation
  • Bleed valve airflow adjustment system
  • PSI: 40 PSI max pressure, 20 PSI airflow
  • ⅛ horsepower, 50 dB noise level
  • 5000 hours of service


The Best Iwata Airbrush Compressors for Professionals

Iwata is a great brand to choose from for beginners all the way through to experienced professionals. Below are some of the more powerful, professional-grade compressors in their range.

iwata air compressor


IWATA Smart Jet Pro

The Iwata Smart Jet Pro is an excellent introductory choice for professional use. It is powerful and long-lasting without being too bulky or technical to use. This air compressor features automatic shut-off technology to lengthen the lifespan of the motor. In order to prevent pulsation and to trap the condensation produced, there is an effective moisture filter built-in for cleaner air delivery.

There is a fully adjustable regulator knob to control the air pressure with absolute [precision. This is aided by the quality gauge. For professionals, this compressor is particularly durable thanks to its protective case. There is a mounted airbrush holder as well. Although this model performs at a high standard, it is still compact enough for easy transportation and travel.

IWATA-MEDEA Smart Jet Pro Air Compressor
  • 1-35 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Mounted fully-adjustable air pressure gauge
  • Automatic shutoff functionality
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Main Features

  • Moisture release through a bleed valve adjustment
  • Oil-free piston for zero maintenance
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • PSI: 40 PSI max pressure, 20 PSI airflow
  • Durable outer protective case


IWATA Power Jet Lite

The Power Jet Lite provides maximum performance in a convenient size. This Iwata compressor may be pretty compact, but it really delivers for all kinds of professional use. The compressor features a powerful twin pump and is fitted with an excellent airflow adjustment regulator.

There is no tank reservoir, but you get plenty of power for all levels of airbrush painting. There is also the automatic shut-off function, and an air hose and adapters included – allowing you to attach it to all kinds of airbrushes.

IWATA-MEDEA Power Jet Lite Air Compressor
  • A double-piston compressor with less moisture
  • 1 - 70 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Offers precise air pressure adjustment
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Main Features

  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • A durable outer case for protection
  • Oil-free piston compressor for zero maintenance
  • Moisture filter
  • PSI: 70 PSI max pressure, 20 PSI airflow
  • 55 dB noise level, ⅙ horsepower motor


IWATA Studio Series Power Jet Pro

Out of the Iwata Studio Series compressors, the Iwata Power Jet Pro is the most practical model for any airbrush artist. This model has a smaller footprint while still providing optimal performance. The compressor has space to run two separate airbrushes at once.

There is a powerful twin pump on this compressor, and double the features of the IwataPower Jet Lite to allow for two independent work stations at once. This model is complete with automatic shut-off capabilities, and it features all of the quality smart Iwata features at an affordable price.

IWATA-MEDEA Studio Series Power Jet Pro
  • Twin air regulators for precise pressure adjustment
  • Includes a two-liter air storage tank
  • Mounted twin pressure gauges with moisture filters
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Main Features

  • Can two separate airbrushes at once
  • 2-liter storage tank
  • Includes a good air reserve for higher pressures
  • Dual adjustable pressure regulators and moisture filters
  • Two airbrush holders
  • PSI: 70 PSI max pressure
  • ⅙ horsepower and 55 dB noise level
  • Oil-free piston compressor for zero maintenance


IWATA Smart Jet Plus Tubular Compressor

This powerful Iwata compressor has a 5-liter tank and all of the smart features any professional would need. The Iwata air compressor has auto shut-off technology, a good moisture filter for cleaner air delivery and pulsation prevention. The regulator knob and gauge allow for precise control of the air pressure.

The tubular air tank also works as a convenient carry handle to make moving the compressor around easy. The air intake filter helps to protect the motor while in use. Although this design is convenient and practical with its smart 5-liter tank, the compressor does operate at a louder volume than others.

IWATA Smart Jet Plus Tubular Compressor
  • Zero maintenance oil-less piston compressor
  • Air regulator and gauge for precise air adjustment
  • Includes an air tank inside the handle
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Main Features

  • Precise gauge and air regulator
  • 5-liter air tank inside the handle
  • Oil-free piston compressor
  • PSI: 1-60 PSI max pressure
  • 81 CFM at an open flow


IWATA Power Jet Plus Tubular Compressor

This Iwata airbrush compressor is a real powerhouse – delivering serious results for the professional user. The pressure can be applied to a number of airbrushes or a mini spray gun at a time. The size of this compressor is not too big, and it is pretty easy to carry around and manage. The only downside to having power like this is that the compressor also runs at a very loud volume.

IWATA Power Jet Plus Tubular Compressor
  • An oil-free no maintenance piston compressor
  • Smart Jet motor shutoff technology
  • Includes an air tank and two cooling fans
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Main Features

  • Automatic shut-off compressor
  • Oil-free piston compressor
  • Precise gauge and air regulator
  • Double cooling fans built-in
  • PSI: 1-60 PSI max pressure
  • 4 CFM at an open flow
  • ¼ horsepower


Iwata compressors offer a wide range of performance capabilities for all kinds of users. These devices can be enjoyed by beginners to professionals, and are suitable for any application you would need from an air compressor. If you are looking to invest in a compressor then Iwata comes highly recommended thanks to its functional and versatile designs. This guide should have covered everything you needed to know about their available products for anyone looking for an Iwata airbrush kit with compressor.


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