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Best Primer for Miniatures – How to Find the Right Miniature Primer

airbrush primer

  Do you enjoy model painting? Then you will need to find the best primer for miniatures. Finding the best primer for your project depends on the type of surface that you will paint over. You get primers specifically designed for metals, and ones best suited for plastic or for resin. The idea behind how […]

Airbrush Mask Guide – Everything About Airbrush Respirators

airbrush mask

  Airbrushing is thought of by most artists as a method of easily applying paint. Some people consider it as a means of adding technology to art, so they do not take the application process very seriously. Although airbrushing is just another means of paint application, there is a danger of inhaling the air while […]

Airbrush T-Shirts Tutorial – How to Airbrush Clothing

airbrush clothing

  The process of creating airbrushed t-shirts can be tricky and daunting. This is because it is very hard to control the airbrush when working. The job gets better once you are able to form consistent and even strokes of paint. At this stage, you can even airbrush any cotton t-shirt with stenciled or freehand […]

Best Cordless Paint Sprayer – Guide to Battery Powered Paint Sprayers

cordless sprayer

  Painting with a brush or a roller is so old fashioned. Almost everyone nowadays prefers using a cordless paint sprayer because it makes life so much easier and saves you a lot of time. A cordless paint sprayer can be used anywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, it is a very efficient and effective solution […]

Thinning Acrylic Paint for Airbrush – Your Guide to Airbrush Paint Thinning

how to thin acrylic paint for airbrush

  Acrylics are available in different forms and can either be opaque or transparent. This is why airbrushing with acrylic is a versatile option. Acrylic paint is also considered to be safe to use because it is water-based and it does not emit any fumes. This also makes it safe to use indoors with little […]

Airbrush Tattoo – Complete Guide to Airbrush Tattoos

airbrush tattoo

In the past, they were considered taboo, but today almost everyone has them – we are talking about tattoos. Some people are afraid to have their bodies permanently beautified because, of course, a real tattoo is irreversible. Although you can go through tattoo removals, there is still the issue of unsightly scars. An alternative to […]

Airbrush Spray Booth – Guide to Portable Airbrush Spray Booths

airbrush spray booth

Airbrushing offers the user a variety of possibilities to be creative and is suitable for many different art forms. However, it has a rather serious disadvantage: working with atomized airbrush paint can have health consequences. For this reason, it is not only recommended to wear a breathing mask but also to use an airbrush spray […]

Cake Airbrush – Guide to Airbrush Machines for Cakes

cake airbrush

Whether done with or without buttercream, decorated with fluorescent food colors, marzipan flowers, or fondant – a professionally designed cake is a real feast for the eyes. In recent years, a new practice has developed in the field of this art of baking involving cake decorating airbrushing. We are talking about the airbrush for cakes. […]

How to Clean Airbrushes – Airbrush Gun Cleaning Guide

how to clean airbrush

An airbrush gun is a precision tool that consists of finely tuned components. If you want to enjoy your airbrush gun for a long time you should treat it carefully and clean it regularly. Only in this way will it provide an attractive spray pattern and can be used for a long time for its […]