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Airbrush Stencils – What You Need to Know About Airbrush Stencil Kits

airbrush stencils

As an airbrush artist, you have the choice of whether you prefer to work freestyle or use templates. Many artists combine both possibilities. In this article, we will tell you where you can find airbrush stencils kits to print out for free, how you can make them yourself, and how to clean the stencils properly. […]

Best Airbrush Makeup – Airbrush Makeup Kit Guide

best airbrush makeup

  Makeup Artists deserve their name – after all, they are artists who do not create artwork on canvas, but on a face. Nowadays, the airbrush technique is widely used. This is a technique that actually comes from industrial painting, particularly on car bodies. Sound strange? Well, it’s not. We will explain to you why […]

Miniature Airbrush Painting Guide – Everything About Airbrush for Models

miniature airbrush

  Those who dedicate themselves to the hobby of model making need to give their miniatures a realistic look. Painting this is particularly easy with a miniature airbrush pistol. This technique can be learned quite quickly and can produce masterly works of art after only a few attempts. Large quantities of model vehicles, figures, or […]

Airbrush Kit for Kids – Guide to Kids Airbrush Activities

airbrush tanning

Parents are always looking for hobby ideas for their children. Activities that are fun and promote creativity. Why not try airbrushing for children? This is a fantastic way for children to spend time and utilize their energy. We will explore kids airbrushing in more detail below, and highlight why this is such a great activity […]

Airbrush Tanning – Guide to Airbrush Tanning Systems

A flawlessly tanned body stands for summer, sun, holiday feelings, beauty, self-confidence, health, and a good mood. Unfortunately, however, in connection with sun-tanned skin, one must always think about the harmful effects of UV radiation. A healthy solution is airbrush tanning or spray tanning. Until recently, this method was reserved for Hollywood stars only, but […]

Airbrush Nails – A Comprehensive Airbrush Nail Art Guide

airbrush nails

With an airbrush gun, you can create impressive works of art on canvas, coat entire walls, paint cars, and all sorts of everyday objects. But did you know that you can also create tiny details with an airbrush – for example in an airbrush nail design? In this article, we will tell you how you […]

How to Paint a Bike – Helpful Guide for Customized Bicycle Painting

how to paint a bike

Do you want to give your old bike a new look? There are several ways to paint a bike – but one very good and effective way is to airbrush it. How exactly does this work and what should you consider? What are the pros and cons of DIY painting for bicycles? In this article, […]